Digital Content Creator

I have worked as a global company liaison with the IT department to engineer websites, blogs and social media content.   This includes creating original content for distribution and project management.

Web Layout / Drupal Content / UX Design


I have developed strategies and managed many web projects.  These projects often entail vetting contractors, managing budgets, coordinating multi-department teams, layout and production.  Below are a few sites that I have worked on:


During these projects I manage surveys and research to identify users and conversion goals.  I also produce or supervise site map and wire frame production. I create content and manage its creation and collection.  Some projects call for application conceptualization.

Social Media Strategy / Support


I have planned social media strategy based on product group resources with an eye on metrics. I worked closely with IT to bring blog sites to life. I am a proponent of using a blog as a central piece of social media content creation.  I wrote a treatise for the company on best practices in social media.  I prepared the product group presentation to introduce a social media strategy geared to conversion goals.

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